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What is Legacy System Modernization?

When you are a long time employee of a start-up or a tech company, you have probably already touched upon modernizing a legacy system without you explicitly knowing the term for it.

Basically what Legacy System Modernization means is upgrading / changing a big part of the current running system mostly on the architecture level down to the coding level, in order for the system to keep functioning like it is now and is able to handle the new work load / users on the system without having a big risk of shutting down.

A good example of red flags…

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Let’s say you’re working at a company. You just started there or you are a long time employee. You get assigned a new ticket or a project to work on.

What now? What are the next steps?

Probably like most people getting assigned a project or a ticket who are unfamiliar with project planning and the importance of it. You want to immediately dive into the code, because you’ve already thought of the perfect solution in your head.

Well… hold on a second and let’s give it some more thought.

I can’t blame you, It’s exactly how I first responded…


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